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About me

I am a fully qualified and insured acupuncturist practicing integrated TCM and Five Element acupuncture. I studied at The College of Integrated Chinese Medicine where I gained a First Class Honours degree and a LicAc (License to practice acupuncture). I am a member of The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) and The Association of Acupuncture Clinicians (AAC). My passion is helping people regain their health and enabling them to live their lives to their full potential.

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My Story

After my daughter was born, I decided to train as an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner. I was introduced by a friend to EFT after the birth of my second son as I had been suffering from anxiety following his birth as sadly my first son George died at 3 weeks old after contracting meningitis.  EFT was amazing and helped me through some very tough times emotionally. I found it fascinating that the theory behind this relatively new therapy was based on the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine and it involved tapping on main acupuncture points to release trauma. 

This sparked my fascination in Chinese Medicine and how it recognises the effect "stuck" emotions can have on the physical body. After practicing EFT for a while my intention was to study acupuncture when my two children were a bit older. When I began having acupuncture myself I noticed a profound change in my emotional state and subsequently my physical ailments that clearly had an emotional cause. After some years of counselling for grief, I felt I had talked through everything enough yet acupuncture seemed to shift some trauma I didn’t even know was still there. Witnessing this profound change in myself I couldn't wait to learn more about this incredible system of medicine. I completed my cosmetic acupuncture training with the renowned Amanda Shayle, founder of AcuRegen, who teaches a very unique and powerful method. The following year I began and subsequently completed my 3 year degree in acupuncture which brings me to where I am today. 

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